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Mindworks addresses learning difficulties in Memphis students through research-based techniques that confront underlying causes rather than simply treating the symptoms.

  • Educational Therapy
  • Executive Function Development
  • School Culture Consulting
  • Parental Consulting
  • Professional Development







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"When my child is frustrated, Nick knows how to pivot the workload to accomplish growth. His work with my son has opened up doors for him that would have never been possible. He has changed everything for my son."

-Mother of a 5th grade Mindworks student

"Nick’s compassionate style of therapy and clear expectations establish the framework needed to overcome the language obstacles and delays that many children are facing. He has the proven the ability to take a child who has struggled immensely and change the trajectory of their life:  bringing confidence, executive function skills and study skills needed for academic success. Nick is having a tremendous impact on children and families across the board."

-Teacher of a Mindworks student

"Mindworks has helped me become a better student which has improved my grades. I love working with Mr. Ray because he is encouraging and patient with me."

-6th grade Mindworks student