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"Children are the priority.

  Change is the reality.

  Collaboration is the blueprint."

Our mission

We thrive on building meaningful relationships with students, families, educators, and organizations. Through collaborative efforts, we create learning plans for students that target the essential behaviors necessary to achieve their goals.

We are fueled by the desire to make a lasting, positive imprint on the world. We recognize that students who learn differently offer unique viewpoints. With targeted support, these learning differences can be transformed into distinct advantages.

Our mission is to unearth and cultivate these innate talents, shaping our students into the leaders of tomorrow. This is our blueprint for creating meaningful change.

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When it comes to being an architect of change, I don't know of any more effective blueprint than education.


Meet the Mindworks Team

"Educational Therapy will change your kid's life."

Having been in education for 15+ years, all of which have involved working with students who learn differently, Nick continuously strives to learn best practices in effectively identifying, cultivating and motivating students to become more confident, mature learners and leaders. His own personal difficulties in school power his mission to advocate for those who learn differently.

Nick Ray / Chief Dot Connector

Having a robust experience in the corporate world, Andie's expertise in business development, operations, and culture is a huge asset. Her ability to build meaningful relationships and attention to detail is the reason Mindworks has been a success. In addition to this role, she also is a full-time mother to two amazing kids.

Andie Ray / Director of Untanglement

Dr. Cathy Meredith has been serving children, preservice and inservice teachers in the mid-south area for many years. She has a strong interest in research based practices which assist students and teachers alike in becoming as successful as possible as they navigate their educational goals.

Dr. Cathy Meredith / Lead Dot Connector
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Mindworks Memphis is positively impacting children and families across our city. If you are searching for an opportunity to reconnect with what originally drew you into education, contact us. Let's untangle those thoughts together!

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